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99 portraits

curves             substitutes                 movie character                     embodiment              unsteady                     botanic                       forgotten note                functional                   join the dots               cyanotype                   the things                   dream             diluted ink                   26 characters                  emoji              portal              fantasist                     fisheye            frottage                      erase               inked               collage            lettered                       protractor                   torn                 splattered                   graffiti            covered                       angular                       unidentifiable             hair                 clean lines                  grid                 strokes            open                one line                      cubist              linoleum                     daub               playful             fields               mask               metaphors                  miniature                   modern                       stripe              impersonate               negative                      flip                  worm’s-eye view                    parts               under pressure                       omnidirectional                      reveal              eye test                      as described by someone else                      feeling my way                       aged                outline            pattern                       sans pen                     in progress                  pixels              basic shapes               silhouette                   straight lines              reflection                    residual shape            soft focus                    orbs                 rorschach                    sketch             eyes shut                    simplify                       rush job                      ghostly            constellation              chunky            detention                    formal            pen and pencil                        fragmented                highlight                     stretch            elongate                     misunderstood                       in pieces                     distant            hide                 vertical                       pasty               geometrical                smudged                     free expression                      watery            rugged            zoom in                      floaty              decorative